"In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace
that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding." Ephesians 1:7-8

Friday, September 14, 2012

Four Weeks, Distractions and Perseverance

Phew! We just finished our fourth week of school today and I can feel the affects of our busy schedule, late nights and early mornings. After yawning for the millionth time today, 
Aaron suggested that I bring the boys to Grammy and Poppy's for a few days so 
I can come home and sleep. ha! 
Great idea Aaron! :) Maybe another time. 

We are definitely off to a good start. We have a good routine, the boys know what is expected of them and for the most part are doing well. But this week was definitely the hardest week so far. I knew it was coming. I was expecting it, but I still do not welcome the resistance and the dragging of feet. 

[sometimes we need headphones to block out all the noise!]

As I look back on our first 4 weeks of school, my favorite part of our day is our prayer walk and quiet time before we actually start the school work. It's been a great addition to our day and deserves a post of its own. :)

[Luke reading his map and looking for the treasure I hid in the yard.]

I love the new math curriculum we are using this year. Luke and Ethan are doing a great job with it 
and it has been a great fit. They are learning a lot! We're spending a lot of time on math, but I think 
it's really worth it. There is a large portion of Luke's math work that is intended to be done independently. Each night I set it out in his room with a note and he completes it in the wee hours 
of the morning when everyone else is still sleeping and I'm out running. 
(He's my early bird. Always has been. 6:15 is sleeping in for him!)

[sometimes it is more fun to do school wrapped up in crazy blankets!]

Ethan's favorite time of the day is doing his math speed drill. In his math workbook, the speed drill is indicated by a horse galloping. He loves this! Who would have thought a little image would excite him to do his speed drill? He always finishes the problems before the timer even beeps. Hooray!

I've already mentioned in a previous post about how surprised I am by Aaron and his interest in learning. Seriously, just this summer I could not get him to even have any interest in his letters. 
Now, he is eager, excited and will randomly write his letters on paper - or his desk! ;{ - to show Daddy when he gets home. 

As I look back, we've had really great weeks. But, as I said in the beginning of this post, I'm tired. As the weeks have gone on, my fatigue is building and honestly I'm wondering if that's what has caused more of the problems this week? Maybe the "honeymoon" with school is over? The big boys have been so distracted by the fun things I've prepared in Aaron's workboxes and it makes me mad. It shouldn't make me mad, but it does. :( As Aaron works on his exciting letter activity, they crowd around him watching --- which is definitely not the point! When Aaron is happily working, I need them engaged with their work. And you see... as I'm tired, I tend to be more impatient and then use more harsh words then necessary and that never works, right? "A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up trouble." Proverbs 15:1

[so excited about his tiny frog discovery on our nature walk!]

So today, as we were working and I felt myself slipping back into old patterns of becoming easily angered and less self-controlled with my tone and body language, I felt sad. And I prayed, Lord please help me to turn it around. Please help me to be joyful and enjoy these moments instead of making big deals about things that are not big deals. Lord, give me patience and help me to love and teach these boys well. 

Then it was time to read from our book Hero Tales by Dave & Neta Jackson. 
We're reading about Harriet Tubman and discussing character traits that she demonstrates. 
And wouldn't you know it, we're discussing how she PERSEVERES! I know that my struggles 
are nothing like hers. I am certainly not risking my life to help slaves escape on the Underground Railroad. But, the question today as we discussed Harriet was, "What did Harriet do 
when she felt too tired to go on?" And I burst into tears!!!! 

By now, my crazy boys are used to their emotional Momma and they all gathered around me 
hugging me. Ethan ran to get the tissues! I explained to them why I was crying. That I felt 
so encouraged by God to persevere in this job of homeschooling them and that I can pray to 
Him when I am too tired to go on, just like Harriet Tubman did. I'm so thankful for a 
God who knows when we need encouragement. With His strength I can persevere!! 
I'm ready for week 5... or at least I will be by Monday. :) 

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  1. I'm continually amazed by your patience and the way in which you can manage all of your roles. I hope you can sneak away for some much needed alone time this weekend so you can recharge. :)