"In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace
that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding." Ephesians 1:7-8

Monday, February 4, 2013

Go Team!

Head Coach: God and Jesus
Coach: Daddy
Assistant Coach: Mommy
Players: Luke, Ethan and Aaron

We're really taking advantage of the team mentality around here and trying to establish a fresh start with family service. (We have been majorly slacking in this department!) Luke has joined his first ever team sport (more about that soon!) Anyway, it has helped us to all visualize what it means to be on the same team. Surely you wouldn't want a team mate that grabs the ball and heads towards the opposite goal!

The white board: I added some black electrical tape to divide it up. Our actual chore system is not that much different, but different enough to make it easier for me and more exciting for the boys. 

The only way we can function as a family is if we work together as a team and 
keep our eyes fixed on our head coach: God and Jesus!

These are our Daily Drills (above). The boys got to choose two each that they will "practice" for one week (Monday-Saturday). No jobs on Sunday. The jobs are a little different and I wanted them to take some ownership by getting to CHOOSE their jobs. We'll pick new jobs every Monday.

These are our Weekly Drills (above). The boys each chose two that will stay the same for an entire month. Once they complete it for the week, they can take it off. Saturday will be pay day for the weekly drills. I like thinking about it being a month of training. They won't do it perfectly, but I hope to see improvement as the month goes by. 

Here is what they choose. Hmmm... how come Aaron's jobs are the hardest ones? He eagerly chose them, but I'll have to be his helper for sure and set my expectations appropriately. 

We'll see how it goes. Let's get this team moving!
Sometimes the set-up looks prettier then the results. I hope that is not the case. ;)


  1. I have A LOT to learn. Do you really wipe down the toilets each day? And the windows every week? oh my goodness. I do love the "team" theme ;)

    1. Well... don't let me fool you. The wiping down toilets is a goal which we are not meeting. The idea is that we'd make more of an effort in wiping down the top of the seats. (since the boys have such terrible aim!) As far as the windows... we'll see how it goes. It keeps Aaron busy for a while with vinegar and water in a spray bottle. He's not doing all the windows. Just the back door and school room doors. If only they didn't end up looking so much worse. ;) Perhaps I'm looking for something to control in the midst of chaos??