"In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace
that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding." Ephesians 1:7-8

Monday, February 6, 2012

100th Day Celebration

We celebrated our 100th day of school today! Hooray! 

All of the activities we did were either found on the web or ideas shared from a 
fellow homeschooling mom. There are enough ideas out there to celebrate all week. :) 
We alternated fun activities with our required curriculum.

We started the day out with a mound of 100 pancakes! 
(This took much longer then I expected to make.)

While the boys were patiently waiting to eat, they filled in our sign with 100 stickers. 
Since the boys think it is endless summer around here, they dressed in coordinating shorts and short sleeves for the day. (We keep our thermostat at 68 and I was freezing! It's crazy!) 

Aaron shaped playdough into the number 100 and did some coloring. 

Together, Ethan and Aaron worked on a 100 piece puzzle. 
They also had the challenge to build something with 100 duplos. 

We counted out a trail mix with 100 pieces:  10 raisins, 10 kix cereal, 10 bunnies, 10 peanuts, 10 mini chocolate chips, 10 dates, 10 multigrain cheerios, 10 wheat squares, 10 cheerios, 
10 heart cereal. It didn't  amount to much when they shared it three ways!

Ethan did a counting maze to 100. (Can't remember where I got this years ago, 
but it's laminated and works great with a dry erase pen.)
He also decided that maybe our rug had 100 circles and got busy counting. (139!)

Ethan glued 100 cheerios into a bowl. (From MakingLearningFun.com)
He was surprisingly patient with this. Although, he did need more cheerios 
because they...ahem... disappeared into his mouth. :)

Luke made a list of 100 words. 

He also did flipped a coin 100 times and made a graph to chart his results.
 (a fun intro to probability!) Using a dull needle and embroidery floss, Luke threaded 
100 cheerios onto a necklace alternating small pieces of straws every 10 cheerios.
LUNCH! yum! 

It definitely took longer to add all the extra activities into our day, but it was worth it. 
We started at 8:45 and didn't finish until 12:45pm. 

After lunch, we had recess with 100 exercises!!
10 sit-ups, 10 push ups, 10 knee lifts, 10 shoulder shrugs, 10 jumping jacks, 
jump on one foot 10 times, then the other 10 times, jump on both feet 10 times, 
touching toes 10 times and wiggles to the count of 10... phew!

This is the first year we have officially celebrated the 100th day and it was awesome! 
Can't wait for next year.