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Monday, July 2, 2012

Math Fact Fun

This summer we've been playing math fact games every day (M-F) for about 15 minutes. We're working on solidifying Luke's addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills while at the same time building Ethan's addition skills. At the homeschool convention, I spent some time at an educational game booth asking questions. When the nice man was finished demonstrating several great math fact games, I realized that I was too thrifty to pay $20 per game when I knew I could make something similar at home. With a few supplies, we've had lots of fun.

A generous friend gave me these three game boards when I first started homeschooling. I'm sure you could find something similar at your local parent/teacher store or make your own!
 We've used colored pom poms, counting bears, match box cars or anything clever I can find as our game pieces. I make up the rules each time. (Sometimes at the spur of the moment)

 What I love about these game boards is that I can have each boy answer questions based on the skill they need to work on. For example, after they answer my question correctly they can move the allotted spaces shown on the die. I might show Aaron a letter and ask him to tell me the letter sound. Ethan will work through a stack of addition flash cards and Luke will work through a stack of multiplication flash cards.
The boys enjoy using the large blue die below for these game boards. And of course, why would you just roll the die in front of you when you can throw the foam die across the room? It's much more exciting to bounce it off the walls or off your brothers head!
 The next game we play a lot is using the hundred number board as our game board. 
Sorry I couldn't get the picture to rotate. 
With this game you could similarly use the stacks of flash cards, OR you could use these handy dice below. There are three dice numbered 1 through 6, three dice numbered 7 through 12, an addition/subtraction dice and a multiplication/division dice. 
I usually have them roll these dice more controlled in the blue container seen below. They'll get three dice to roll which tells them the math fact to solve. Then when they get it right, they roll one of the other dice and move the allotted spaces. And to throw in a little more fun, they have to say the number they are landing on before they can put their game piece there. For Aaron, I'm working on number recognition. I only have him say the numbers on the dice and the number on the square (if he knows it). Although, its not unusual for him to wander off and play alone when this game is out.

 And the last game, which I LOVE is seen below. I bought wooden disks from Michaels and pulled out two dice from a game we already had. If you do addition use the blue disks. For multiplication use the red and blue disks and if you do subtraction, you'll need some of the blue disks and the zero disk.

I introduced it to them yesterday with only the blue disks. They each took turns rolling the dice and then adding the two numbers. Once they said the math fact out loud correctly, then they could take the corresponding disk. Then the next person goes and they alternate back and forth. Sometimes the disk they need has already been taken, so it's the other persons turn. Once all the disks are taken, count up to see who has more. I'm sure there are other variations on this game too. Be creative!

So, that's what we have been doing. I have a few more ideas from friends 
that I hope to introduce as the summer progresses, but for now this has been a good start. 

So, what's your favorite math fact game at your house? 
Any other great ideas you can share with me?

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