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that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding." Ephesians 1:7-8

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lego Fair

Last Thursday, we participated in our first lego fair with a local homeschool group. The challenge was to create a lego display without using a pre-made set and directions. I signed up right away, but boy was Luke nervous and reluctant. He loves building with legos, but was a bit crippled by "wanting to win first prize."Oh why did I mention the contest part?? I should have known better! :)
getting it set up at the fair
Though we talked about the fair often, it wasn't until Wednesday morning that Luke even began creating. Do I have a procrastinator on my hands?? I loved his finished product (a set of townhouses with a city street), but it certainly was not as complicated as some things he has built with directions. 

The judges for the event were two high school students who are members of the First Lego League Robotics (FLL) team, as well as their teacher. Here they are introducing themselves and explaining what FLL is all about.

 The judges then made their way around to each child's lego display and allowed them to explain their creation.  It was a really big deal for him to talk with these judges. He is super shy, especially around adults whom he doesn't know. I was so proud of him! 
I was concerned how he would react to not winning any prize or ribbon. I was pleasantly surprised by his maturity. On the way home we talked about it and he said, "Once I saw everyone else's creations, I knew I wouldn't win. Now I have new ideas for building things for the next time."
On Saturday morning, we went to the Science Museum to see a Junior First Lego League Expo. (for ages 6-9 years old) We're thinking this is something we really want to explore. It would be great for teamwork skills and creativity. In the lobby we got to see some high school students lego robots. 

I think it will take a gentle push for Luke to try out participating in the Junior First Lego League, but I think he would really enjoy it. 

And to explain the beads...NO I don't typically dress my boys in beads! They were passing them out at the door of the Science Museum and they have been driving me crazy ever since. Do you realize how much pain can be inflicted from beads swinging around? :) The beads have now found a new home in a good hiding spot!

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