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that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding." Ephesians 1:7-8

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Preschool Update

A couple weeks ago Aaron finished learning all his consonants and he is zipping along in his phonics skills. We have loved using the "Get Ready for the Code," "Get Set for the Code" and "Go for the Code" series by Nancy Hall. We started Explode the Code Book 1 last week. I highly recommend these workbooks!

As we face struggles and challenges homeschooling (and there are many!), I have to say one thing that really encourages my heart is to get to experience my children learning. To see the lightbulb light up as they understand something for the first time and to see them bursting with new knowledge makes up for the other challenges. (If only I would stop to take note of these precious moments more frequently. Too often I'm too busy whining to realize the great things happening.)

It has been such a joy to see Aaron take off with reading. With all three boys the experience with learning to read has been entirely different. They each have their own strengths and I have to say, Aaron has surprised me. Just this past summer, he hardly knew any of his letters and believe me, I tried to teach them to him. He had zero interest. I'm realizing in hindsight, he just wasn't ready. This fall, something clicked in developmentally and he has flourished. I can't take credit. I didn't do anything spectacular. He was just finally ready and willing to soak up everything I offered him.
I love that Luke and Ethan are eager to sit and listen to Aaron read!! Precious moments!
Here are his remaining "Letter of the Week" consonant projects: (He had help from either Luke or Ethan on each picture.) ** I used the help of various blogs and websites for these ideas. They are not original!

 "s" is for snake and "n" is for nest

"h" is for horse and "v" is for volcano

"d" is for dinosaur and "c" is for caterpillar

"g" is for giraffe and "z" is for zebra

"q" is for quail and "x" is for x-ray

"w" is for worm

"y" is for yak

"Ll" is for ladybug and lion

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