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that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding." Ephesians 1:7-8

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crayon Delight

Wanted to share with you a pretty simple sewing project that has been received well. Sewing has been a great source of relaxation and satisfaction in recent years, although I've had my moments of frustration. : ) I'm thankful my mom taught me the basics of sewing as a young girl and thankful for a friend rekindling my interest in making simple sewing projects. (And thankful she's been willing to be my sewing mentor over the past 6+ years!)  I don't have a "sewing brain," but I like to follow directions and you would be amazed by the MANY simple sewing tutorials out on the web.

I found this tutorial for a crayon roll and think the directions are pretty easy to follow.  Here are a few I made for my nieces.
My eldest son loves cars, trucks, rescue vehicles and signs. I made him this one below. I made it larger to accommodate the crayola twist up crayons, but it still works for the standard size crayon. 
My middle son loves animals . . . particularly doggies. Here is the one I made for him. Although I  initially gave it to him when he was too young. He proceeded to break all the crayons into many pieces. The crayon roll went into hiding for a while until he was ready. Glad it's back out again! : )
My youngest son has yet to receive the crayon roll I intended to make for his birthday in July. Here's hoping I finish it before Christmas! This is the fabric I picked out. He loves sports.

For a beginner sewer, I think this project could be completed in about an hour or less once you have your supplies. I highly recommend grabbing some fat quarters and making one soon. Now if I could only keep my hands off the crayon rolls once they are made . It drives me crazy when the crayons aren't in rainbow order. I'm obsessive that way. : )

Happy Sewing!

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