"In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace
that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding." Ephesians 1:7-8

Friday, September 2, 2011

School Week in Review

Phew! I must admit that I'm relieved today is Friday and we'll take a break from structured school until next Tuesday. (We're taking Monday off for the holiday.) Of course we'll keep learning, but not within the confines of our school room. It's pretty tempting to just include all the great photos of our week and leave it at that. Our life looks pretty good in photos. Somehow, I never seem to snap photos 
of the sibling conflict, tears, whining, disobedience, raised voices or arguing. 

But here is the truth: We had some really wonderful moments and some really challenging moments this week. I think that is just real life . . . when you have a sinner teaching a bunch of sinners. I must confess that some days I wonder why we are choosing to home school. It is stretching and testing me more than I'd like and I'm pretty selfish. But every time I find myself wondering this, God is right there whispering to me. "You can do this. I will help you. I called you to do this
and I am for you." Of course I don't audibly hear that, but I choose to hear
it in a timely encouraging email from a friend, or when I witness my child
develop new confidence in an area that was a struggle, or especially in
scripture that I read. I'm so thankful for those special moments. 

I need to add this little side note for friends and family who may be reading this who do not home school. Please hear me when I say I never want to come across as judging anyone's schooling choices. I'm learning that home schooling is not the only way. It's not right for every family for all sorts of reasons and I don't even know if it will be the right choice for our family for the long haul. 
But for right now, at this moment, it is the way the Lord is leading us. 

So without further ado . . . here is our week in pictures.  : )
Here are two of the science projects we did this week. 
Using air to move paper and discovering an egg floats in really salty water.

As part of E's kindergarten curriculum he worked to make a Creation Book 
and make creation numbers. He really enjoyed this!

As a second grader, L has more serious work to do than his brothers. Here he is 
working on his journal and grammar. It has been hard for him being the oldest 
when he sees the "easier" work his brothers are doing.

Last year, A had room time for an hour of our schooling. He is so happy to be a 
part of the classroom this year and have special activities to do every day. 
He is doing a great job, but is still learning how to be a part of the routine. 
E is a very happy and active little kindergartner! He needs lots of hands on 
learning. Above he is building with Wedgits (a favorite toy!) and balancing a 
bean bag on his head while he listens to a musical selection from Mozart. 
(Don't you love the outfit he picked out! And thanks to Poppy's example, 
he is always very neatly tucked in.) 
We are studying United States History this year. We began with the Vikings and Christopher Columbus. There were some good lessons as we talked about the Vikings need for revenge and how that led to so much bad behavior. We were able to make connections to some scripture we've been studying on being peacemakers. Above, L is coloring a Viking vessel while I read aloud (and take pictures!). 
Then he summarized the story and wrote it below the colored picture. 
 Each week we will plan to take a nature hike, weather permitting. 
This week we had a great time with friends. L enjoys making
sketches of what he sees on our hike. 

I'm ready to enjoy a restful weekend and start again next week. 

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